A New Perspective!!


I’ve always loved these beautiful abstract natural visions taken from a birds eye view, and now I have a new flying eye !! I can see them for myself. Im so in love with it. !!! Heres one of my first straight down shots capturing the colours, textures, shapes and layers of a classic Queensland beach scenerio.

I always dreamed of flying, and now I can.!!

I know a lot of people that really dont like drones, they even tell me they hate them!! Well we’re all entitled to our opinions and I’m certainly not a fan of the armed ones, but I doubt any of haters have experienced the fun of flying one or had the enjoyment of seeing the world from this perspective !!

It always surprises me how many people Hate things. I hear it so often, I hate this, I hate that. I just dont really get it. It just seems like such a poor perspective to take on anything, to HATE it !! especially when you’re the one that then gets to experience that emotion ! I once had it explained to me that hating someone was like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die.!!
Lets not be mistaken here, hating isnt something that just happens to us, We choose to hate something. Although mostly unconsciously !! We hate mainly due to fearful thoughts about something or someone, which all too often has very little to do with reality and a lot more to do with F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal (FEAR). Its just an opinion, but a poor one at that. A negative point of view to observe from, that makes you feel like crap !!! So why would we choose to look at something in away that makes you feel shit. ??? ‍♂️
We are not educated enough about how we experience reality. We are conditioned WHAT to think, instead of HOW we think. Maybe we could be better programmed to think what thoughts could I have that allows me to feel great about this situation, or this percieved shit-uation.

Take the rain for example, is it good or bad.? Well of course, that all depends on where your looking from.! If your trying to get a tan on holiday for the 5 days you have off each year, you could choose to hate it. Yet If you’re a rainbow hunter or just trying to grow the food that keeps you alive, you would almost certainly love it.!! . The rain has not changed, just your thoughts about it. ‍♂️Situations are neither good nor bad, they are what they are, and we get to say what that is. We choose that.!!

Sure shits happens, everyday and to everyone, the difference is how people deal with it.
Rememeber this next time you unconsciously choose to experience the feeling we call hate and then choose a more beneficial uplifting perspective for yourself.
Shine your light by looking on the bright side of things. It is in this way that LOVE shall truly set you free.! ❤️

We are the only species with the gift of choice and looking at all the hate in the world, its clearly not being exercised properly!!‍♂️

Anyway, No time to hate the haters, to busy loving the lovers.

You can add to the mess, or to the happiness!
Why fear when you can love,
Be a chooser not a loser,
Be a Creator not a Hater !

To all those that take the time to observe my art and read my words thank you so much. It means a lot and im super appreciative always of your love and support. Tag or share to a friend, if you feel this could brighten their day.

Enjoy an EPIC WORLD everyone,
with much love from me as always.

Dji mavic pro
1/13th sec @ F/2.2
iso 152
nisi nd 32

beach, colours, sand, ocean


120mtrs altitiude (my new favourite perspective)

The Landscaped Landscape

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