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A New Perspective!!

"A NEW PERSPECTIVE" I've always loved these beautiful abstract natural visions taken from a birds eye view, and now I have a new flying eye !! I can see them for myself. Im so in love with it. !!! Heres one of my first straight down shots capturing the colours, textures, shapes and layers of [...]

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The Landscaped Landscape

'The Landscaped Landscape' Now I've seen my fair share of terraced rice paddies after traveling Asia for nearly the last 20 years but non quite impressed with the size, scale and beauty of this valley leading up to indochina’s highest peak. Situated in north-western Vietnam near the Chinese border lingers the unique cultural diversity and [...]

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Meditating Master Monk

This is one of my favourite images and means a lot to me due to the amount of belief, trust and time that went into capturing it. I often travelled to places with very little expectation and research, allowing myself to stay open and experience a new place at face value. Im not sure if [...]

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Lighthouse Lovers + Shine Your Light

The greatest lesson we can learn, is simply to give love, and receive it in return. Lighthouse lovers is dedicated to the special woman in my life, and the 7 years of lessons she has blessed me with. This particular headland is not only one of my favourite spots on earth it also happens to [...]

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K’gari Sunrise

I recently found a new sleeping spot on the island. It has views from the south to the north, collects a sweet ocean breeze which keeps me cool and the mozzies away in the hot summer months. I don't know why, but every time I sleep here, I seem to wake up just as the [...]

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Bangkok By Night

After a few weeks island hopping, we decided to leave the rain and made our way north to the big city lights of Bangkok to catch up with friends. I think there is 14 million people living here, which for me is crazy shit. I had been scoping the city for a couple of days [...]

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A Beginners Guide To Shooting The Stars

When people see my astrophotography the first question I nearly always get is "what camera do you have?" While I don't mind telling people what camera I'm using, I feel too much emphasis is put on the camera and not enough on the settings in the camera. To shoot the night sky isn't actually that [...]

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Caribbean Postcard

No pirates in sight, but with water this good you may forgive them for hanging in this part of the planet. I loved Mexico and found the people warm and wonderful, as I usually do in these less developed countries. The Caribbean side was such a contrast to the rest of the country and you [...]

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Rainbow Nights

For the past two million years ocean currents and waves have swept sand north from the continental shelf off Australia’s east coast. Onshore winds then blew the sand inland to form some of the oldest evolving dune systems on the planet. This giant sand mass is the Carlo sand blow named by Captain Cook the [...]

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Rise and Shine – A HDR Intro

Waking up in the back of my truck as first light starts to illuminate the day is an experience I don't think I'll ever get sick of, especially when you are greeted with scenes like this. This particular morning I remember turning over and glancing towards the horizon thinking nice sunrise! Yet being as spoiled [...]

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