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Above Annapurna

After nearly 7 hours of hiking up a mountain through forests and clouds, I arrived at the 3900mtr high camp and final resting place on my trek in the Himalayas. As the sun started to set, the clouds slowly began to fall, exposing the mountains and my first clear glimpse of where I really was. [...]

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Tham Lod Cave

Tham Lod cave is about 50km north of Pai in far north Thailand. It’s an epic motorbike ride there through winding roads and beautiful mountainous scenery. Tham Lod is the largest natural limestone cave system I have ever been in and it has the added attraction of having a stream run right through it. Giant [...]

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Solar Eclipse

Although this image appears to be of the moon, it is actually taken in the light of day with a very fast shutter speed and captures a solar eclipse over Fraser Island. I remember being super excited to experience and maybe photograph my first solar eclipse. There was lots of talk the days leading up [...]

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‘Spirit Smoke’ and the ‘Window Of Light’

At first this just appears to be a shot of a young monk sitting in a temple with a candle, but as you stare longer, you may see that something appears to be lurking above the left shoulder of the young monk. Can you see the face in the smoke? Once you do, it will [...]

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Homeless Child

This little girl lives on the streets of Boudha, a sacred Tibetan Buddhist area in the Kathmandu valley, famous for one of the largest stupa’s (round pointy temple thing that people walk around) in the world. She came up to me holding her hand out for money, which I had given out by the time [...]

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The Milky and Me

I truly love my job as a tour guide in world heritage listed Fraser Island (K’gari) and many things happen on this magical island, that don’t happen anywhere else in the world. It is one of the few places on the planet, where I feel a real connection to the land. When the backpackers I [...]

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Love From Above

Not until Nepal had I experienced the degree of homelessness and people begging for money. Whenever travelling, I usually always try to offer what I can to these people less fortunate than myself. Much of my offerings were received with little to no gratitude, which I found unusual. Not that I was looking for acknowledgment, [...]

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Running Free

As we pulled away from the little market village in our taxi boat, I noticed some children were standing waiting on the river bank watching. We made eye contact, exchanged waves, then smiles. As we started to speed away, one of the children spontaneously began to run alongside us, looking over with a cheeky grin [...]

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Wicked Waterfall

This picture was taken in Myanmar after an amazing day blasting around the country side on motor bikes. It was a full day of sightseeing. Some friends and I had spent the day exploring caves and other waterfalls and other amazing limestone formations in this sweet part of the world. Being a public holiday most [...]

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Underground Escalator

Bored one day in Germany, I took myself to the underground to test out my newly discovered HDR technique. I love the symmetry of these kind of places and this was one of my first ever processed HDR images. Although taken a long time ago, after a little re-touch I still enjoy to this day. My [...]

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