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Motion Of The Ocean

Spending time away from work and the normal distractions of life allows me the time to improve my photography skills. I had always wanted to achieve that wispy water feel and capture the motion of the ocean in one of my pictures. One afternoon after an epic day’s surfing in Bali, I went for a [...]

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Colognes Love Lock Bridge

The Hohenzollern bridge in Cologne. This bridge is famously known for the thousands of padlocks or love lock couples attach to it. Lovers walk the bridge and affix a lock, often engraved with their names before throwing away the key to the waters below to symbolise their never ending love. Colognes sunset skyline featuring [...]

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Rouge Monk

I stumbled across this wonderful monk late one afternoon in an area of Bagan, Myanmar, which doesn’t see too much tourist traffic. I entered the temple thinking it would be empty, but was pleasantly surprised to see this monk sitting there, as if waiting for my arrival. From the few simple possessions that were stored [...]

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Worringen Church

Living in a quiet beach town, surrounded by so much natural beauty and wonder, I often find cities hard to deal with after a few days. I'm usually walking and working in bare feet, so I experience city streets and the amount of people, traffic and buildings in one area as quite intimidating. I also notice how [...]

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Balinese Fisherman

Bali was the first stop of our adventures through Asia for 10 months and I took this shot on one of the first nights there. I had just brought a set of filters and was keen to try them out. I was set up and just waiting for the sun to set over the sea. [...]

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Pavones Sunset

How cool it would be, if everyone could follow their passions and do what they love on a day to day basis. I believe we all have a gift to offer and I dream of a time, when more people don’t just have to make a living, doing some shit they hate, but can make [...]

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Palenque’s Hidden Gem

Palenque, Mexico is the only known place in the whole Mayan empire to have a calendar reference to the year 2012. Although being slightly upset at first with not being able to take my tripod in, it ended up being my favourite archaeological site in Central America. Knowing these places get busy, we got there [...]

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