Balinese Fisherman

Bali was the first stop of our adventures through Asia for 10 months and I took this shot on one of the first nights there. I had just brought a set of filters and was keen to try them out. I was set up and just waiting for the sun to set over the sea. It was just reaching prime light, when I decided to abandon the shot I was waiting for, and shuffled rapidly over the slippery terrain to try and capture this fisherman attempting to get some dinner instead. My new laptop was in my back pack and it ended dropping on the rocks in the rush to get the shot. I remember worrying about it all afternoon, but later returned to my hut to discover all was o.k (thank you rubber hard case).

Worringen Church
Pavones Sunset

Photo Blurb
Canon 7d,
Tokina 11-16mm @ 16mm ,
3.2 sec@f 8 ,
ISO 100

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