Caribbean Postcard

No pirates in sight, but with water this good you may forgive them for hanging in this part of the planet.

I loved Mexico and found the people warm and wonderful, as I usually do in these less developed countries. The Caribbean side was such a contrast to the rest of the country and you could catch yourself feeling guilty about living it up in the touristic Yucatan area, especially when you saw the conditions of some of the rest of the country. However, it was also hard not to feel grateful for having a life that allows me to visit places of such scenery.

I always try to have my attitude of gratitude with me where ever i go and have been lucky to travel and surf many oceans in the world, but the colour of the water and the long empty beaches here were truly something special.







A Beginners Guide To Shooting The Stars
Rainbow Nights

Photo Blurb
Canon 7d
17-40mm f/4
250 sec @ f/14

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