The Landscaped Landscape

'The Landscaped Landscape' Now I've seen my fair share of terraced rice paddies after traveling Asia for nearly the last 20 years but non quite impressed with the size, scale and beauty of this valley leading up to indochina’s highest peak. Situated in north-western Vietnam near the Chinese border lingers the unique cultural diversity and [...]

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Meditating Master Monk

This is one of my favourite images and means a lot to me due to the amount of belief, trust and time that went into capturing it. I often travelled to places with very little expectation and research, allowing myself to stay open and experience a new place at face value. Im not sure if [...]

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Bangkok By Night

After a few weeks island hopping, we decided to leave the rain and made our way north to the big city lights of Bangkok to catch up with friends. I think there is 14 million people living here, which for me is crazy shit. I had been scoping the city for a couple of days [...]

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Rainbow Nights

For the past two million years ocean currents and waves have swept sand north from the continental shelf off Australia’s east coast. Onshore winds then blew the sand inland to form some of the oldest evolving dune systems on the planet. This giant sand mass is the Carlo sand blow named by Captain Cook the [...]

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Above Annapurna

After nearly 7 hours of hiking up a mountain through forests and clouds, I arrived at the 3900mtr high camp and final resting place on my trek in the Himalayas. As the sun started to set, the clouds slowly began to fall, exposing the mountains and my first clear glimpse of where I really was. [...]

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Wicked Waterfall

This picture was taken in Myanmar after an amazing day blasting around the country side on motor bikes. It was a full day of sightseeing. Some friends and I had spent the day exploring caves and other waterfalls and other amazing limestone formations in this sweet part of the world. Being a public holiday most [...]

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Motion Of The Ocean

Spending time away from work and the normal distractions of life allows me the time to improve my photography skills. I had always wanted to achieve that wispy water feel and capture the motion of the ocean in one of my pictures. One afternoon after an epic day’s surfing in Bali, I went for a [...]

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