Homeless Child

This little girl lives on the streets of Boudha, a sacred Tibetan Buddhist area in the Kathmandu valley, famous for one of the largest stupa’s (round pointy temple thing that people walk around) in the world. She came up to me holding her hand out for money, which I had given out by the time she came round. Despite my empty pockets, she still seemed in good spirits and gestured for me to take her photo, which I was happy to oblige with.

The next evening I was doing some laps of the stupa, thinking of what I could offer these people other than just handing out money all the time. I thought I’d love for my photography to be able to give back to these people somehow. I got the idea to print the little girl’s photo up for her, put a poem on the back and maybe she could use it as a tool to show other tourists to help her get donations with no English. Just as I was finishing my kora (circle) and about to head home in the dark, who should be standing right in front of me spinning the prayer wheels, but the beautiful little girl. I asked her name, we acknowledged each other with a smile and went on our way. The day after that, I found somewhere to print the photo, got it mounted on some plywood and protected the front all for a whooping total of 50 cents. I have been back to that town twice since then in an attempt to find her, spending lots of time hanging on the streets, but so far to no avail. The last time I was there, the police were having a big crack down on beggars, so I am trusting she’s o.k. I look forward to heading back to Boudha after my time in the mountains, locating her and offering her a gift other than money that might help brighten her life. I hope she likes it.
” I have the same beautiful spirit as you, but not the same opportunities you do. 

So I’m hoping you could share with me, too, to help a few of my dreams come true.” 

Love and thanks, Rogini. x



'Spirit Smoke' and the 'Window Of Light'
The Milky and Me

Photo Blurb
canon 7d 50mm,
1/15 sec @f/1.8,
iso 100

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