Love From Above

Not until Nepal had I experienced the degree of homelessness and people begging for money. Whenever travelling, I usually always try to offer what I can to these people less fortunate than myself. Much of my offerings were received with little to no gratitude, which I found unusual. Not that I was looking for acknowledgment, I just found it surprising that it seemed to be an expected norm.

I was sitting in a famous area of Kathmandu waiting for some friends, and observed an elderly lady sitting down in basically her own waist. Scenes like this always sway my thoughts to that of a deeper nature and I question our purpose and place in life. I feel compassion for their suffering and it allows me to feel super grateful for the blessed life I’ve been able to live. I went and offered her some money and asked if it was o.k to get her photo, which she seemed fine with. There’s something about these kinds of people I find intriguing and fascinating.

I continued to observe this woman from a distance as a young well dressed lady walked past and offered a helping hand. This photo allows me to remember that our random acts of kindness, compassion and love have a powerful ripple effect on everything around us, which goes out to touch more people, than we will ever get to know. It may be nice to know what it is to be generous, but I think we each seek to experience what it is to be generous.

Generosity is the habit of giving freely, without expecting anything in return, and I am reminded how few people rarely behave in this way. Random acts of kindness without the expectation of being repaid need to be more of our value in our systems. Maybe generosity is the opposite of greed. If greed has poisoned our souls and is what is destroying our world, then maybe generosity could save it. There is enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed.

I feel it to be a terrible shame that the governments of the world can fund a war, but they can’t feed the poor. Today I ask you to be generous to someone else to help brighten up their world. If you want to lift yourself, then lift another. For we can not become truly rich without enriching another. Much love. x




love from above


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