Palenque’s Hidden Gem

Palenque, Mexico is the only known place in the whole Mayan empire to have a calendar reference to the year 2012.
Although being slightly upset at first with not being able to take my tripod in, it ended up being my favourite archaeological site in Central America. Knowing these places get busy, we got there real early, allowing us to avoid any of the usual tourist traffic. We managed to walk most of grounds alone, creating a quiet atmosphere and a slice into the experience of how it may have been to discover one of these amazing places all those years ago.

As the humans slowly started to filter in, we moved further from the main site, where we stumbled across this magical spot. Resting my camera on a rope bridge, sitting as still as I could, then holding my breath so I didn’t move, I captured this image of some cool limestone formation with cascading water.

Although only a medium sized mayan city the ruins of Palenque have some of the finest architecture, and it is estimated that only about 10% of the city has been explored leaving over a thousand structures still buried in the jungle. Against strong advice that we would need a guide to navigate the thick jungle as not to get lost, the temptation of missioning alone in there was to much to much to resist. To be honest it certainly wasnt the smartest manoeuvre and even after about 10 minutes walking had to have my orienteering skills switched on max just to find our way out there. None the less it lead to an amazingly intimate day adventuring round one of the most studied and written about mayan sites.



Pavones Sunset

Photo Blurb
canon 7d, 17-40 mm, 17mm 1/4-1-4 sec @ f/11, iso 100

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