Pavones Sunset

How cool it would be, if everyone could follow their passions and do what they love on a day to day basis. I believe we all have a gift to offer and I dream of a time, when more people don’t just have to make a living, doing some shit they hate, but can make themselves a life, doing what they love. When I look at most of the people born in privileged countries, I still see the repeated cultural story of people working in jobs they don’t like to buy stuff that’s unnecessary, normally to impress people who just don’t care. This is sad for me, because most of us believe this is what we are here to do and don’t get encouraged to follow our dreams. All to often missing the wonder of being alive and free. Finding people who actually do what they love on a day to day basis is unfortunately in the minority.

When travelling through Nicaragua, I thought, how cool would it be to be able to pay my way on my travels taking pictures. I met a guy at a backpacker’s who owned a house near a surf destination in Costa Rica, which I planned on visiting. So, with a bit of alcohol induced courage, I decided to ask him, if I was passing through, if I’d be able to stay there. He mentioned it was up for sale and I suggested I could shoot a few photos to make it look beautiful and hopefully help him sell it.

Months later, when I was in the area, I messaged him, but at that time it wasn’t to be. As luck/fate would have it, the night before my birthday I received a call from the owner of the home, saying that all was sorted and that we could stay in his wonderful place for a few days.

I took many shots of the house, trying to highlight its best qualities in the best light available. I felt stoked to have my skills pay for my bills and wanted to show my appreciation through my photos. Whilst this is not one of the shots of the home, it was taken from the beach just down the track and it reminds me of that time, when I first entertained the idea of journeying free with photography.

Balinese Fisherman
Palenque’s Hidden Gem

Photo Blurb
canon 7d, 17-40mm f/4, 17mm , 3 exposures blended 1/4- 1.3- 6 secs @ f/22, iso 100

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