Running Free

As we pulled away from the little market village in our taxi boat, I noticed some children were standing waiting on the river bank watching. We made eye contact, exchanged waves, then smiles. As we started to speed away, one of the children spontaneously began to run alongside us, looking over with a cheeky grin and almost challenging the boat to a race with his glance. He managed to keep up for quite some time and although he may not have won the race, the joy on his face and the happiness he created, allowed me to realise he was the real winner.

I normally spend some time setting up my photos, but this was one of those ‘spur of the moment’ scenes that I was lucky to have my camera on the ready for. I call the scene ‘running free’ and to me it encapsulates that innocent childhood joy and excitement of racing someone or something. It brings back memories to my childhood days of doing the same. It also reminds me to live with that light child-like playfulness that is often underestimated in the daily life of a so-called ‘responsible adult’.

Let us never forget the importance of having fun and living in the moment, as it’s such a vital ingredient of a happy and healthy existence.

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running free

Love From Above
Wicked Waterfall

Photo Blurb
canon 7d ,
50mm f/1.8 ,
1/8000 sec @ f/1.8 ,
iso 200

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