The Milky and Me

I truly love my job as a tour guide in world heritage listed Fraser Island (K’gari) and many things happen on this magical island, that don’t happen anywhere else in the world.

It is one of the few places on the planet, where I feel a real connection to the land. When the backpackers I guide around start getting noisy in the evening after drinking games and partying with too much goon (4lts of cheap wine contained in a foil bag), I often drive down the beach to sleep in the back of the truck and get a good night’s rest.

I remember it being close to new moon that night and the night skies are always amazing down there away from any lights. Composition is always key in Milky Way shots and I feel an interesting foreground makes the image.

This particular night I remember feeling very uneasy down the beach and although alone away from anyone I had a very real sensation of being watched. I kept getting freaked out by my reflection in the window of the truck as I adjusted my settings. So when I was lying face down on the sand trying to get the right angle for the shot and turned around to see a dingo a couple of feet from my face, I near shit myself. I jumped up with shock and I seemed to scare the dingo off with my fright.

The orange glow in the background is the light pollution from main land Australia about 100 km away, but it worked really well in allowing for a foreground silhouette.

Homeless Child
Love From Above

Photo Blurb
Canon 7d,
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8.
25 seconds @ f/2.8,
ISO 5000

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