Wicked Waterfall

This picture was taken in Myanmar after an amazing day blasting around the country side on motor bikes. It was a full day of sightseeing. Some friends and I had spent the day exploring caves and other waterfalls and other amazing limestone formations in this sweet part of the world.

Being a public holiday most of the places we visited were extremely crowded with local bus tours and it was very difficult to get a good shot that wasn’t littered with human activity. It was late in the afternoon and we were unsure, whether to call it a day or go find another set of falls, which were only about 20 mins from my hotel/prison cell. The ride to the falls was down a very steep loose decent and having had little experience on motorbikes with manual gears, I was a little apprehensive to continue. My friend encouraged me to press on and upon arriving at the falls, I was more than stoked that he did.

The place was an amazing water wonderland, and I think due to the access, only had a couple of other people there. It is hard to give size and scale to this wonderful place, but the main falls are over 100ft tall. There was so much spray and mist in the air, that I had to wipe the lens every shot and cover the camera to prevent water damage. My friend had a good laugh, when trying to get closer to the falls, I slipped and fell in. A small price to pay for a great day!


Thought i’d add this one just to help show the size of the falls.


Another shot taken from close, with some nice background light.


Running Free
Underground Escalator

Photo Blurb
canon 7d,
Tokina 11-16mm,
11mm ,1/6 sec @ f/22 , iso 100

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